Zero1 Creations is a digital marketing agency running a digital accelerator. We are accelerating digital transformation in Small and Medium sized Enterprises(SME's) in South Africa. We are solving the slow transition to digitalization by Small and Medium sized Enterprises(SME's) in Africa which leads to low business performance, poor profitability and business discontinuity. Our Vision is to become a one stop platform for digital services in Africa and our Mission is to accelerate digital transformation in Small and Medium sized businesses in Africa. We work with our partners across Africa to ensure we deliver the best possible service to help small business grow.

Our team is results driven and ensures they give our clients the best possible service. We work with the client from the first phase of building a solid business model to building digital profiles and automated systems. We care about our small businesses and ensure we keep their needs first. Every single solution we build is a product of their passion and our expertise; the perfect synergy for digital success.

We offer digital marketing, sales and branding services to small and medium sized businesses in Africa with a core focus on helping them transition from tradition means of running their businesses to fully utilizing and taking advantage of available digital resources. We take businesses through a 3-phase process which helps accelerate digital transformation to increase their performance, revenue and their client-base.





Executive Team

A team that work's together to manage the company and it's projects. These individuals oversee the daily operations of the company to ensure efficiency and product satisfaction

Brian Mulambo

Managing Director

Samuel Ngobeni

Head of operations

Khanyisa Sonjani

Financial Manager

Vincent Muleya

Events Organizer